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Next, we will provide you with all the relevant documentation and legal notices, such as our service terms, conditions, and policies. These are available to you, including the privacy of your data, which Aetheer does not sell.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is designed to protect your data and ensure the confidentiality of the information you share with us. Discover how we handle, store, and safeguard your personal data, as well as your rights and options in relation to privacy.

SME Certificate

At Aetheer, we actively value and support small and medium-sized enterprises. Our SME Certificate supports our commitment to the growth and development of these businesses, providing authenticity and confidence to our business partners and customers.

Ethics and Conduct

Ethics and conduct are fundamental at Aetheer. Our ethical principles and standards of conduct establish the foundation for all our operations. Explore how we operate with integrity, transparency, and accountability in all interactions and transactions.

Inclusion Policy

We believe in the strength of diversity. Our inclusion policy reflects our commitment to creating an environment where every individual is valued and respected, regardless of their background, gender, sexual orientation, or abilities.

Copyright Policies

Protecting intellectual property is essential to foster creativity and innovation. Our copyright policies explain how we respect and safeguard the rights of creators and artists, ensuring ethical and legal use of protected content.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are essential tools to enhance your online experience. Our Cookie Policy provides detailed information on how we use cookies, why we do it, and how you can manage your preferences for a more personalized browsing experience.

Additional Information

Find additional information here that supports our transparency and commitment to our customers. We are always willing to provide additional details and clarify any questions you may have about our policies and business practices.

Terms and Conditions

Please follow the link below to read the documentation regarding the terms and conditions of service of our company Aetheer, where you can also download a copy of the document free of charge, if needed and available.

Cancellation Policies

This documentation contains our policy regarding the cancellation of requested services, as often decisions are made to obtain services from another company or due to dissatisfaction with the services provided by Aetheer.

Intellectual Property

Aetheer’s Intellectual Property Policy: This document outlines policies and recommendations regarding intellectual property, emphasizing the importance of protecting both our clients’ and our agency’s original and intellectual property.

Non Governmental Organization

In our company, we feel a strong empathy towards non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which contribute significantly to improving the quality of life for others. If you are an NGO, this documentation may assist you. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement

For the protection of our clients’ information, you can view the following documentation regarding our policies on non-disclosure of data or projects developed in our company for clients.

Corporate Social Responbility

Legal Documentation on Our Company’s Social Responsibility towards the Community, the Environment, and Our Processes, such as Providing Remote Opportunities for Our Employees and Clients

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If you need assistance or more information about this documentation, you can contact us via email or by phone to clarify any doubts or questions you may have. It is always a pleasure to be at your service.