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Custom Client Area

The Custom Client Area is an exclusive space dedicated to each client, providing a secure and convenient access point to relevant information about their projects, invoices, documents, and communications.

At BrandLink, we prioritize the personalized experience of our clients. The Custom Client Area ensures that our clients have a centralized and secure platform, fostering efficient collaboration and providing a comprehensive overview of their brand development journey.


  • Secure access through login credentials.
  • Detailed views of ongoing projects.
  • Billing and payment history.
  • Direct communication with the team via private messages.


  • Enhanced transparency and visibility into project
  • Streamlined management of documents
  • Efficient and direct communication with the team.

Making a Difference with Every Choice

BrandLink, social responsibility is a fundamental part of our identity. Each membership is a statement of support for sustainable innovation. 50% of your monthly investment goes towards educational materials for local schools, making a difference in the lives of children who deserve a bright future. Join us to not only elevate your brand but to be an active part of a movement driving change and building a path towards a more equitable and promising tomorrow.

Technical Support and Inquiries:

The Technical Support and Inquiries service at BrandHarbor by Aetheer is designed to provide prompt and efficient assistance to our clients in case of technical issues or inquiries related to their projects.

BrandLink, we understand the importance of keeping your projects running smoothly. Our Technical Support and Inquiries team is dedicated to providing swift responses and efficient solutions to any technical questions or issues you may encounter.


  • Multiple support channels, live chat, email, or phone.
  • Clear and guaranteed response times.
  • Base with answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Quick responses to technical issues.
  • Easy access to informative resources.
  • Efficient communication and issue resolution.

Transforming Lives through Education

BrandLink, we believe in the transformative power of education. Each membership purchased not only strengthens your brand but also builds bridges to a better future. We are committed to bringing the light of education to less privileged communities, donating educational materials, and providing learning opportunities. Your choice to join BrandHarbor not only impacts your brand but also illuminates the path for those dreaming of equal access to education.

Webinars and Exclusive Training Sessions:

BrandLink by Aetheer proudly presents a series of Webinars and Exclusive Training Sessions, offering clients the opportunity to engage in specialized online events providing valuable insights into web design, branding, and market trends.

At Brandlink, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. The Webinars and Exclusive Training Sessions provide a platform for clients to stay updated on the latest trends, learn from industry leaders, and interact directly with professionals in the design and branding field.


  • Regular announcements of planned events.
  • Interactive sessions with industry experts.
  • Recordings available for those unable to attend in real-time


  • Access to insights from industry experts.
  • Opportunities for continuous learning.
  • Direct interaction with design and branding professionals.

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