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Gaia International

Country Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, the concept of ecology and carbon neutrality is a very broad and, one could say, the most important topic, as the priority is to ensure the well-being of our planet’s ecosystem. The importance of water in Costa Rica is well-known, and Gaia Internacional specializes in the engineering of aquifer systems and groundwater within the industry.

First image: Gaia, a fish, and the title "Engineering for Life.

The Challenge

The main challenge in Costa Rica is to raise awareness and achieve accessibility to technology, as well as professionals dedicated to the protection and well-being of the ecology and water resources.

The primary goal is to effectively convey, through excellent visual communication, to both the general population and businesses, the existence of professionals and companies in this industry who can provide guidance and planning for this purpose. This company is one of the pioneers in implementing this at a corporate level in Costa Rica.

The Solution

Communication today has greatly advanced due to internet technology and social media, where the largest accumulation of connected people is found on a daily basis.

The aim is to reach more individuals with effective communication and a call to action for businesses in the treatment and education regarding the vital resource of water, benefiting both the population and the environment as the main objective.

The Results

+ 130

Involved Companies


Customer Estimates

+23.730 K

Communication Reach

As is well known, despite having advanced technology in the industry and engineering in Costa Rica, communication, education, and awareness on certain ecological and resource-related topics are a bit more challenging to achieve impact. We must add the following comment from Engineer Diana, President of Gaia International: ‘Thanks to Aetheer, the communication of our purpose has become a reality, which has yielded its fruits. We are very grateful at Gaia Int. Thank you for turning words into a reality. That’s what we at Aetheer excel at.