Food Industry
Whiskey Mike’s

Country United States

Rooted in the heart of Georgia, Whiskey Mike’s embodies the essence of Southern flavor and tradition in its premium barbecue sauces. With a commitment to quality and culinary excellence, Whiskey Mike’s crafts and distributes barbecue sauces that redefine the taste of a true Southern BBQ experience.

First image: Whiskey Mike's BBQ Sauce Georgia.

The Challenge

As it is already a tradition in the United States, a family barbecue cannot be without a good sauce to accompany these events, which has become a constant tradition in American culture.

And what better way to do it than with a 100% American sauce from the roots of the state of Georgia, where it is not just about the flavor and preparation; it goes beyond being a simple sauce—it’s a feeling and a tradition at a national level.

The Solution

Whiskey Mike’s was born in Georgia with a single objective: to establish itself in the food industry, not just as the best BBQ sauce, but as a sentiment and a tradition.This achievement has come through a complex and professional strategy that doesn’t merely define a product by its great taste but rather as a feeling, an emotion that becomes a connection, taking the experience beyond unique and closer to your family and friends.

The Results

120 %

Sales expectations

3000 K

Customer Estimates

+20.000 K

Family Barbecues

Currently, Whiskey Mike’s and its famous BBQ sauce have succeeded in modernizing their communication processes, ushering in a new era for the food company. This marks the beginning of the journey to transform from an idea into a dream and to become the #1 brand nationwide in the United States. There has been an increase in sales and the company has managed to move beyond being invisible, positioning more than just its sauce. Whiskey Mike’s aims to evoke the emotions and sensations associated with sharing those unique and traditional moments, always accompanied by the Whiskey Mike’s BBQ sauce from Georgia.